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All Access to Whom?

Posted on: August 10th, 2013

By: Shauna Mahoney

When you go to a store with the intention to shop there again, you may become a part of their Loyalty Program. I did this when I was 18 working at an American Eagle. There, they call it an “All Access Card”. This is where certain articles of clothing have a point value, (shirts were 15 points, jeans were 25 and so on), depending on how many points you had at the end of the month you would receive coupons in an email or in your physical mailbox. To become a part of these programs you just need to fill out your information; name, number, address, email and sometimes birthday, then you take the card and congratulations! You’re loyal to them, forever.

Forever may sound slightly off-putting, so we’ll just say for as long as you’d like to stay loyal to them (considering I don’t know the last time I used that card, or any of my loyalty cards for that matter). When you sign up for those programs the thought process is you are now a part of the brand. You are special and that’s why you deserve these incentives. This is your store, and it speaks to you unlike any other brand out there. They still have access to your information; they can still send things whether you want them to or not, but this is where forever comes into play. Social giants Twitter and now Facebook are buying into these loyalty programs, and are trying to drive offline shopping just as much as they are online.

Facebook has been the main digital advertising platform, with its “sponsored ads” section on the right side of your homepage, and “suggested posts” within your newsfeeds. Well now Facebook, as well as Twitter, have paired (on separate accounts) with data giant, Datalogix. Datalogix can take the emails used for your Facebook account, and/or Twitter account, and match it with any loyalty program you have used the same email account for; to let brands know who is buying what where, and how frequently. Your sponsored ads within Facebook, and the suggested posts might start to become slightly more relevant to your life, (No Facebook, I do not need Free Accelerated VPK, I do not have a preschooler.), but that they might become more beneficial to you.

From the outside looking in, I’m a little weary of this idea. I already have two separate email accounts. One for personal/important things, and another for stores and coupons, and things regular people consider junk. Now my junk folder is going to end up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds? That’s slightly excessive. Although, from the inside looking out, this is a great way for advertisers to get a closer look at their audience and their buying behavior. Facebook and Twitter alike have a right to know how often I get a German chocolate milkshake from Häagen Dazs, or when I buy my Macintosh car scents from Yankee Candle. Social media is meant to be life invading, right? This sounds like instead of having “All Access” to American Eagle, that card is Facebook and Twitter’s key to having all access to me.

Ad 2 Tampa Bay Hosts Engaging AdTalks: Making Networking Work for You

Posted on: August 8th, 2012


Ad 2 Tampa Bay Hosts Engaging AdTalks for Young Professionals

Making Networking Work for You
TAMPA, FL, August 8, 2012—Ad 2 Tampa Bay has offered emerging
advertising professionals the chance to become successful leaders since 1947. The organization has been recognized for its work in public service and won the national public service campaign last year. With the upcoming Republican National Convention and the organization’s successful June event, “AdTalks, Branding Tampa Bay”, Ad 2 Tampa Bay hosts another engaging program to motivate Tampa’s up and coming leaders.

The upcoming event will be held on August 14th at local favorite, Mangroves SoHo, from 6-8pm and includes valet parking for only $2. The AdTalks program focuses on “How to Make Networking Work for You” and features a discussion lead by Marla Lucas, the Governor of the American Advertising Federation’s
4th District.

“We want to give other young professionals in this industry the chance to shape the community in a positive and impactful way through professional development,” said Ad 2 Tampa Bay President, Amanda Fisherman. “Ad 2 Tampa Bay will give them a platform to do it.”

In addition to an engaging discussion, guests will receive firsthand knowledge on the benefits of participation in a young professional organization. Admission is free for Ad 2 members who RSVP in advance and $5 cash at the door. Non-members who attend the event may receive an exclusive $5 discount for annual Individual Membership and have their admission fee waived. Otherwise, non-members pay $5 in advance and $10 cash at the door. To find out more about Ad 2 Tampa Bay or to purchase tickets in advance visit

About Ad 2 Tampa Bay:
Ad 2 Tampa Bay is the unified voice of Tampa Bay’s emerging advertising professionals. By combining the Tampa Bay area’s brightest developing talent while working in conjunction with the American Advertising Federation’s national network of over 50,000 members, Ad 2 Tampa Bay seeks to raise the profile and prestige of the local advertising industry through education, legislation, and public service.


The Best of Social Fresh East 2012

Posted on: February 13th, 2012

The best of Social Fresh East 2012.

Social Fresh was held again in its third year in Tampa, FL and one again I had the privilege to attend. Chances are you may have missed the 2 day conference on social media. Since social media evolves very quickly there always is a lot of information to cover. This time around the hottest thing around is Pinterest. Social Fresh always manages to stack the line up with great speakers that have plenty of information to share helping give attendees and edge in their social media marketing efforts. This year’s social fresh included: Hubspot, Red Hat, Ford, Nordstrom, Intuit, AOL, eMarketer and more. Presentations covered  some of these topics:  Pinterest, Connecting Facebook & Email, Where Does Social Fit? Social Media Lead Generation, Digital Trends for 2012, Google +,  and plenty of other side topics. Again this was a great conference attending Social Fresh provides a great opportunity to hear experts from some top companies speak about their social media strategies.


The Best of Social Fresh East 2012 Day 1

The first speaker Jesse Catlin from eMarketer gave a really interesting presentation on Digital Trends for 2012. He started out by demonstrating the power of social media. It can cause a person to commit suicide, it can topple a government, it can elect a president, it can raise funds and even start a virtual protest.

He presented a great mind hack in the sense that if you feel you know everything you will not have space to let in new information. He suggested reading two books per month for self-enrichment. Online Video will be one of the top emerging trends in 2012 as people adopt more powerful mobile devices connected to faster networks. He mentioned the reach of Facebook. There are more than 2/3 of the US population on Facebook. It would be the third largest country behind China and India. In Latin America 84% of internet users are on Facebook.

Keep humanity in your content and remember that most viral content is humorous. Eraders will die off hence the Amazon’s KindeFire, a really nice ereader or crappy tablet. Mobile commerce is poised to really grow. Personally I think mobile commerce in the form of Square, and Intuit’s new device makes it easier than ever to accept credit cards and this new type of commerce will drive the mobile revolution in mobile commerce.

Create magnetic content. He used BlendTec and their “Will It Blend” series of YouTube videos, and Ford’s sock puppet as an example. Think of social media marketing in the broadest sense. Some keys to becoming effective include: building trust, having transparency, and listen. How are you speaking to your customers?  Remember to be humble, and add value. Recruit form your core, and target the coveted individuals.

Video advertising and content curation will become hot trends in 2012 as well. The business is the business of people. If you know what people are doing you can capitalize on it.

Be sure to check out his Slideshare it’s packed with useful charts and graphs detailing the anticipated growth in social:



Listen Launch and Leverage

Chuck Hemann of WCG spoke about the importance of using social media to listen. When you listen it can help will all of your efforts from social media including, marketing, public relations, reputation management and social conversation.

Use this Wiki to pick a listening tool:

You want to know who is looking at your brand, where are they talking about it, when are they talking about, and why are they talking about it.

“In 2009, more data was generated by individuals than in the entire history of mankind through 2008” Andreas W.

By listening you can gain business intelligence, market through conversation, learn about product issues, and foster a better customer experience. Check out his Slideshare for some flowcharts and detailed bullet points:

@Chuck Hermann

The Best of Social Fresh East 2012 Day 2

Shauna Causey talked about the current hottest website in social media….Pinterest! If you haven’t seen or used Pinterest check it out. Currently Pinterst had over 11 million unique visitors last month. They have achieved this feat faster than any other website. The largest demographic on the website are 25-54 females making 25 – 75k per year with some college(60%) or a degree(19%). Think of Pinterest as a place where women organize and share all of the beautiful things they find on the web. Shaua organized a Pinterst campaign for Nordstroms.

Some reasons business should consider Pinterest include low maintenance for brands, a strong sharing component, and it fosters aspirational actions around someone’s interest graph. Not to mention the fact that it drives a ton a traffic to websites.

The top uses for Pinterest:

1. find and save recipies
2. fashion ideas
3. inspirational quotes
4. news updates
5. home ideas
6. research and trip planning
7. funny photos
8. kid photos

Some brand examples of effective Pinterest use include: Whole Foods, Etsy, West Elm, & Land’s End.

Pinterest, An Expression Engine by Shauna Causey from Social Fresh


Here is a free Joomla Pinterest module.


Chris Moody from Red Hat talked about five ways to harness the power of community. Chris was another really great presenter to talk at social fresh. He was very concise and engaging.

1. Market research – tap into an existing community. Find ways to learn form them.
2. Give others a voice, tackle critics or turn them into advocates.
3. Get customers involved. Ask one question a month engage with your audience.
4. Host collaboration…find ways to make your product better through a community and host that. was a great example of a self-hosted niche community.
5. Expose the thought leaders in your organization….voice your point of view and innovative ideas.

Chris Moody from Social Fresh


Rounding out the day was Matthew Knell the Social Media Director at AOL speaking to the issue of fragmentation. Started out by stating he felt that Facebook has peaked. Personally I think it’s more of a plateau than peak. Interest networks are all the rage currently.

Tumbler had an 130% increase in unique visits from Nov 2010 to Nov 2011. Pinterest jumped 1125% in UVs form May 2011 to Nov 2011. Instagram only took 9 months to reach 150 million photos and one year to reach 10 million members.

People are the vehicle and content is the engine…you have to be more interesting than ever. The shopping mall is being replaced by the boutique store. Facebook may be overcomplicating the process of marketing on their website. Interest networks have limited paid options. Build your own museum of content. Networks like Pinterest and Tumbler are ideal to curate original content. Be sure to visit Matt’s Slideshare for the complete list of idea: