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Ad 2 Tampa Bay is a not-for-profit that is all-for-the-greater-good. We are dedicated to helping advertising professionals under the age of 32 make connections and give back to the Tampa Bay Area through professional development opportunities.
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We connect students to internship and mentorship opportunities with local agencies and established professionals in their respective track to help prepare for agency life.


We celebrate the diversity of our club and industry by championing inclusive initiatives and hosting open forum conversations about topics that are relevant to our community and nation at large.


We work with local government and AAF Chapter to officially recognize Tampa Bay Advertising Week since 2018. We also travel to Tallahassee and Washington D.C. to meet with legislators to educate them and rally for our industry.


We host events that feature talented professionals in our industry and highlight local businesses around the Bay Area. Be sure to join us for our upcoming event!

Public Service

Every year, we pick a local nonprofit to work with to create a completely pro bono advertising campaign. We help them reach current goals and prepare for future success by promoting their cause to effect positive change in our community. Check out our 2018 – 2019 client, Vets 2 Success.

Upcoming Event

Private: 2019-2020 Board of Directors Retreat

June 23, 2019


Our first official meeting with the new Ad 2 Tampa Bay Board of Directors. We will plan our objectives for the year to benefit our members and community.

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I always knew I wanted to be some an artist, no matter what I did. Cooking, music, literature, it didn’t matter. Even going back to the stories of cousins on both sides of my family and even my older brothers having their own graffiti groups that would go out and do trains and do walls, and I was always just too young to go with them. So I used to take their sketchbooks and copy them and show it off to my friends in elementary and middle school like: “Hey, I can do this too.”
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Whether it’s attending events with top industry speakers or getting your hands dirty by donating time and talent to our public service campaign for a local nonprofit, Ad 2 Tampa Bay is an organization for members by members who make things happen.