32 Tips from Taryn on How to Nail an Interview and Get Your First Job!

by Ad 2 Tampa Bay | April 16, 2015

one-does-not-simply-ace-an-interviewThese are tips that I recommend and items I have heard from employers and clients over the years when it comes to millennials and interviewing. I hope you take something away from these gems. While it sounds like I am stating the obvious, very few millennials actually do these things. Be Confident. Be Passionate. Be Yourself. If you are these things, success will come to you.

 When Interviewing:

1.Utilize a resume writing company. Know that most jobs when you apply online filter your application out based off keywords.

2. Have letters of recommendation from professors and employers on standby.

3. Make sure your resume is current, up to date, in proper tense and no spelling errors.

4. No fluff on the resume. If you don’t have much to say, get out there and start interning.

5. Make sure your portfolio is on point. Get a website if you are on the creative side.

6. Have references that know that you are using them before the interview process.

7. Have a strong cover letter tailored to each job, a creative cover letter if entering in to a creative field.

8. Cover letters are not generic. Take time to personalize each one (if required) before submitting.

9. Keep writing. Whether it’s a blog or creative writing, keep honing your skills.

10. Do not use a photo on personal business card or on resume unless you are applying for Hooters.

11.   Social Media is the first way HR recruiters see a glimpse into your life. Would you hire you based off your posts and pictures?

12.   Get a LinkedIn if you don’t have one. Get recommendations on LinkedIn.

13.   Do your homework. Research the company.

14.   Note the company culture and ask about it.

15.   Listen. Really Listen to interviewer.

16.   Ask smart questions.

17.   Take over the interview.

18.   Do NOT ask about salary in 1st interview. Or vacation time. Or benefits for that matter. All of that will be revealed if you move forward in the interview process.

19.   Take note of what’s in office and remember. Use to make small talk or to recall in a follow up email/thank you note.

20.   Make eye contact.

21.   Dress for the job. And ALWAYS overdress if you are unsure.

22.   Own a fitted suit.

23.   Do not say “Like” and “UM”.

24.   Do not lie about your skills and capabilities.

25.   Always ask for the business card before you leave the interview.

26.   Email a thank you to everyone you met and touched in interview process AND write a thank you note.

27.   Stand out. Be memorable.

28.   Ask when you are supposed to hear back before you leave the room and what the next steps are.

29.   Rejection happens. Never give up and keep trying new things once you land the first job.

30. Once you land a job, get a mentor inside and outside of company.

31.   Keep your options option and pipeline full. Diversification in skills is huge to moving up the ladder. On the flip side, being an expert in something will make you equally as valuable but you will be more narrow as you look for your next opportunities!

32.   Think outside the box. EVERY major company has their own marketing/advertising team or position. Do not get defeated if you do not work for an advertising agency.

Taryn Cashmere | Immediate Past President