Ad 2 + Kristen Blake = Success!

by Ad 2 Tampa Bay | November 30, 2013

This year is my first year with Ad 2 Tampa Bay.  To be honest, I first joined to help out our 2013-2014 President, Taryn Cashmere.  I just started working in the advertising industry a couple months before that and it so happened that Taryn needed a Secretary for the Executive Board.  Not really knowing anything about Ad 2, I joined to help a friend.

Within only two months of being a member and board member of Ad 2 Tampa Bay, I enjoyed it so much that when we needed a new Membership Director, I jumped at the job.  I believe that Ad 2 is such a unique and “worth-it” organization I only wanted to dive deeper into our chapter.  I am so happy that I joined and I can’t understand why I didn’t join sooner!

Ad 2 has educated, motivated, and introduced me to this industry in a way that I never thought was possible.  It’s a tool for me that I am so thankful to have, not only here in Tampa Bay, but nationwide.  With Ad 2 I have been able to also network with other professionals and see first hand what it gives back to our community through our Public Service team.

As Membership Director I find it most fascinating and rewarding to see new members join and leave their first event with us more pumped and secure with their decision to not only be a part of Ad 2 but also the advertising industry.  I know what it is like to be a student and needing help getting your foot through the door.  Or a young professional that just can’t find that job that is a perfect fit.  Or being that “newbie” to the area and wanting to meet others like you but doesn’t know where to begin.  Well guess what?  Ad 2 can help you with all of that!  That is what I love most about this organization.

My most notable Ad 2 success as Membership Director would have to be watching our membership numbers rise significantly this fall.  With help from our Education Directors, almost 50% of our membership was gained in the month of October.  We all work very hard to try to spread the word about Ad 2, its significance, and how it is more-then-worth-it to join.  I encourage everyone and anyone to check us out and join us for at least one event, because I know one event is all it takes for anyone to realize how “one of a kind” Ad 2 really is.  Who doesn’t want to be a part of something exceptional?

I would recommend to any future Ad 2 members to first explore our website ( and then come to any one of our events.  Of course as Membership Director, please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns you have!  There are so many benefits to joining Ad 2 and I hope that one day you will become a member so you can start utilizing them.


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