Ambulo: Start Your Journey

by Ad 2 Tampa Bay | June 5, 2015

11401078_786356174818763_503810498914289015_nOne of America’s hardest startup challenges, the StartupBus is on the road again. This hackathon on wheels pits teams against each other in a 72 hour race to build a tech company, launch the product and impress investors and judges. This year there are six buses leaving from all across the country and converging in Nashville. Among the ideas being built out are Pizzafy, an app for crowdfunding pizza orders, Block Mafia, a real life game of monopoly, and Screet, a sexual health app. One project that’s standing out though and racing to the front of the pack is Ambulo, a game to teach students about the process of creating a startup.

It’s almost a meta scenario for team Ambulo. Building a platform out in 72 hours to teach students about startups, while the team is learning more about the process in action themselves. A learning experience while creating a learning experience. Ambulo aims to teach students about starting business through a role-playing game experience. In Ambulo, students create a character, a business and their own adventure. According to the team Ambulo “allows you to create your own startup journey” and that’s what inspires the team, that kids are naturally adventurous and creative. Almost every kid and teenager wants to be an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, 54% of millennials either want to start a business or have started one.

Despite this want by today’s students, good, engaging entrepreneurial education is severely lacking in the United States and abroad. Teachers are teaching for tests and are almost technophobic. Meanwhile their students are more and more interconnected and online than ever. Ambulo aims to change that. By providing an independent platform at less than $100 per student Ambulo will provide an engaging, affordable platform to learn about the process of getting a startup off the ground. It’s an ambitious dream, and there’s more of a need for it than ever. Despite the want by students to start businesses, less and less are, which is tragic. If team Ambulo has their way though that will be changing soon, one startup adventure at a time.