Hey, Read This! (5 Lessons Through Quotes on Advertising, Strategy and Leadership)

by Ad 2 Tampa Bay | February 20, 2013

by Robyn Walters

Everyone in the advertising industry will need advice at some or multiple points throughout their career. Here are 5 key life lessons through quotes on advertising, strategy and leadership from the best-of-the-best.robyn

On Advertising:

1) “The objective is to create the impression that the agency has a proprietary methodology for understanding and explaining consumer behavior. It is a way to hide the ultimate advertising truth: creating advertising is largely precision guessing.” – Bob Hoffman The Ad Contrarian

Advertising has never been a science, so do not come down on yourself too hard when a pitch does work. Go back to the drawing board and try again.

2) “The only people who care about advertising are the people who work in advertising.” – George Parker Confessions of a Mad Man

Always ask yourself “what motivates my client?” and speak to that intention.

On Leadership:

3) “Trust is built on credibility, and credibility comes from acting in others’ interests before your own.” – Stephen Denny Killing Giants

Trust and credibility are traits that will take your entire career to build and only seconds to destroy. Act carefully.

4) “The goal in life is not to attain some imaginary ideal; is it to find and fully use our own gifts.” – Gay Hendricks The Big Leap

Never be afraid of your talents, use them to their fullest capacity and be true to yourself. You will land on top.

On Strategy:

5) “If dogs don’t like your dog food, the packaging doesn’t matter.” – Stephen Denny Killing Giants

Advertising is not the solution to poor quality issues. It is an aid, but if people are not willing to voluntarily talk about a product it is time to reevaluate.

Hope these insights help to build and enhance your careers. I am always happy to talk and offer assistance, please feel free to reach out at any time, robyn@robynwalters.com.