Keep Reaching

by Ad 2 Tampa Bay | July 1, 2015

I think that in this cruel job market, many young people can get caught up on the fact that they were lucky enough to get a job. If you’re also lucky enough to not rack up a million dollars in student loans, you’re probably feeling really good right about now. Something to keep in mind, however, is that just because you found a job that you “like,” you shouldn’t be discouraged from finding a career that you “love”.The beauty of finding a job at a small agency, and mine in particular, is that there is such an opportunity to develop your path and to have a DIY Career. I signed on as an Account Assistant, hoping to one day own accounts and nurture my client relationships while appreciating my Creative Team and making them feel fulfilled. While the importance of client relationships and a happy team are still top priorities, I’ve found myself dipping my feet into my original field of study — analytical marketing (funny how the stuff you learned in college turns out to be useful, after all). I’ve found myself helping to improve processes and build efficiency in our agency, and have had a large hand in building the walls of our Media Department.

Whether you find yourself at a small agency or a large agency, it is important, especially for our generation, to never stop reaching and to always stay hungry. Our happiness is essential for our growth and our development. That being said, I encourage you to never settle, to constantly improve on your skill-set, to break the mold, and to never be confined to just your job title.

Rachel Williams | Sponsorship Director