Memoirs of Mobilize Moguls

by Ad 2 Tampa Bay | March 16, 2015

Are you a student? Think you have it what it takes to be on top? There’s only one way to find out… Put your talent to the test in this year’s Mobilize competition hosted by 22Squared March 20th-22nd.

5 teams. 1 non-profit. 48 hours. What are you waiting for? Sign up now:

Still hesitant? Just take a look at what last year’s winners had to say. Eduarda Castro and Vinit Addepalli took home the grand prize in 2014 and are now walking pretty with more experience and connections than you. Eduarda scored a job at 22Squared and Vinit is in his junior year at the University of South Florida with all eyes on him. We sat down with the two champions and got their side of the story.

Last year's Mobilize winners at the 22Squared offices (Team Rubic) including Vinit and Eduarda on the left! Photo credit: Eduarda Castro
Last year’s Mobilize winners at the 22Squared offices (Team Rubic) including Vinit and Eduarda on the left! Photo credit: Eduarda Castro

What did you expect before you arrived at the 2014


Eduarda: I thought it was going to be a simple competition…

Vinit: I applied not as team but as an individual. So on my way there I was thinking the whole time about whom am I gonna be in teams with. And once I was there my exact words were “Holy s#!t!! I am going to be in THAT building?!”

What was the Mobilize actually like?

Eduarda: It was one of the best and most exciting competitions I had the pleasure of participating in. Each team was given an office space to spend the weekend, where we were able to concept, talk about our ideas, create, and of course, sleep. Employees of 22squared as well as the client were always present to help us out with any questions we had.

Vinit: It was the first time I felt terrible discomfort in a really pleasant way. Maybe the first time for me realizing that my work actually matters now.

Describe your Mobilize experience in 3 words:

Eduarda: Exciting, challenging, and fun!

Vinit: Teaser of Advertising.

Do you recommend this year’s Mobilize to

students? Why?

Eduarda: Yes definitely. It was a lot of fun and opened my eyes even more to what it’s like to work at an advertising agency — things can be crazy and you have to work really hard, but seeing your ideas being translated into a real world campaign is rewarding and priceless.

Vinit: I already did! This is the one way any student can put their work out there and if not, at least get the taste of what this industry is going to be about.

What did you learn / gain from Mobilize?

Eduarda: I learned to work hard in a short amount of time, and work well in a team where I didn’t know many people. Having won the competition, I think it had a very positive impact on me as an art director, which helped me get my first full-time job at 22squared, now working as a Content Art Director.

Vinit: Learned — adaptability, how to make a rational decision, coffee is bae, where I stand in this industry Gained — Connections, confidence to present, confidence to take risks, bragging rights, portfolio piece.

Thank you to Eduarda and Vinit for taking time out of their busy, famous lives speak to us. Want to sit on the throne with these two? It’s easy to register either by yourself or as a team, just click here. Email if you have any questions. Time is running out!

Trust us when we say, you’ll deeply regret missing this opportunity to get a peek behind the curtain at Tampa’s 22squared office high atop the SunTrust Building. Even if you don’t win, at least you had the chance to hone real-world advertising skills all in an effort to get a campaign produced and win cool prizes along the way.