About Public Service

For more than 40 years, local Ad 2 chapters have produced comprehensive public service advertising and marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations in their communities. Each year, Ad 2 chapters from across the nation compete in the Ad 2 Public Service Advertising Competition. Participating clubs submit a written report about their campaign, followed by an oral presentation at Admerica, AAF’s National Conference. A select panel of judges evaluates the campaigns and selects the best among that year’s work. The winning Ad 2 chapter receives an $800 award from the G.D. Crain Foundation and the opportunity to present their campaign to all attendees at the AAF National Conference. The campaign must support a local, regional or national public service project in the public interest or designed for community betterment.

If you are interested in being part of the team developing this year’s campaign, please email: publicservice@ad2tampabay.org

Past Campaigns
2016-2017: We are currently fielding applications. Apply Now for consideration
2015-2016: NOURISH on behalf of Where Love Grows
2014-2015: MISLABELED on behalf of MacDonald Training Center
2013-2014: JLT on behalf of the Community Campaign Against Human Trafficking
2012-2013: Ovacome
2010-2011: The Spring “I Own Me”
2011-2012: Starting Right, Now
2009-2010: The Bolesta Center
2008-2009: One Here One There