Stress Test – 3 Ways to Manage Your Stress

by Ad 2 Tampa Bay | April 10, 2015

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It’s such a normal part of our daily lives. We’ve become accustomed to dealing with it. For some, it makes them work harder. For others, it slowly breaks them down. It’s almost inescapable.


There are a ton of resources out there to help people calm down, chill out, and focus on what’s really important. I’m here to highlight 3 changes you can make to your daily routine and overall perspective to help you see beyond the stress that hangs around you.

Meditation – Not just for yogis and monks anymore! Just 10 minutes of meditation in the morning or at night can help you center yourself, get a better handle on your emotions and reactions, and increase your overall focus. You can read more about the benefits of meditation here

Exercise – You don’t have to sweat it out during a hardcore gym sesh to experience the benefits of exercising. Just a simple jog or even a walk can get your body releasing some homemade happiness through endorphins. They’ll help you focus on what you really need to get done as opposed to everything you have to get done. Among other benefits, exercising will boost your self-esteem and the outdoors will help your body & mind relax.

Sleep – It’s the first thing to go when we don’t have enough time. Who needs sleep, right? Eh, you can sleep when you’re dead. Right? Wrong. Sleep is crucial to every single function in your body. It affects your performance every day which could lead to more stress in your life. A good night’s sleep will help you to manage and overcome your stress. So take the night off, close the blinds, turn the lights off, turn down the temperature and enjoy it. You can learn more about the effect of sleep on your day-to-day functions, check this podcast out.

These three changes to your normal routine can reduce your daily stress immensely. It may seem daunting, but just make one change at a time and you’ll be managing your stress like a boss. For more info on overall stress management, check out this blog from the Freedom Experiment. Good luck!

 Carly Earnest | Secretary