The Struggle is Real- and Worth It

by Ad 2 Tampa Bay | May 18, 2015

I’m not going to lie to you. Sometimes working a full-time job, volunteering as an Education Director with Ad 2 Tampa Bay, and still making time to brush my teeth is not that easy. But love don’t come easy. The devil on my shoulder will often ask me, “Why are you working so hard for Ad 2 when you don’t even get paid? What kind of cheap joke are you?” It’s easy to give into that fat, lazy side of you that begs to just stay home, sit on the couch, and binge eat Cheese Puffs. But we all know that isn’t going to get you far in life, except being caught up on Netflix.


I’m reminded of why I love to be a part of Ad 2 and all of the rewarding, gushy feelings each time I’ve finished either planning or attending one of our events. The proof is in the prize:

Look ma, I got a job!

True story: this is my second job landed thanks to my involvement with Ad 2. This past March, I attended the AdTalk at Triad Retail Media, which helped ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ and reveal how Florida’s largest and arguably coolest ad agency is still just getting started. Because of this event, I was given an insider perspective into their agency (something you can’t just walk up and do without a connection). I met the VP of Communications, spoke with several team members, and by the end of the night, I knew this was the place for me. Again, I can’t stress enough how I may have never known this amazing opportunity existed if it weren’t for Ad 2’s involvement. Furthermore, because I’ve proved myself as a hard-working team player on the Ad 2 executive board, I was able to fly through several interviewing blockades thanks to references and the reputation I’ve earned in our community.


Thou shall get what thou gives

When I was a student, I made sure to attend and make the most of every Ad 2 and AAF program that went down. Whether it was the Internship Speed Dating, AdTour, or the American Advertising Awards, I was there and because of these events, I am who I am today—#flawless. Now serving as Education Director, I feel an innate need to give back what I got out in my younger years. So now I’m the one planning the student initiatives, helping them make connections, meet mentors, and be confident in their looming careers. There are no words to describe how awesome it feels to know you’ve made a difference in someone’s future. Working hard today is just my way of saying thanks for what the previous Ad 2’s did for me. #TheCircleofLife.



“So there you have it,” said the angel on my other shoulder, “go out, get even more involved, and who cares if you don’t have time to brush your teeth!”

There’s nothing a cocktail can’t clean.


Connor | Education Director | Incoming Vice President